Cookie policy

Cookie policy

The aforementioned cookie policy applies to the website operated by SC FIESTA IW SRL According to the requirements of the EU Directive of May 26, 2012 and the provisions of Law no. 506 of November 17, 2004 with reference to the processing of personal data and the protection of each user in the area of ​​electronic communications, each website visitor is asked for permission to apply the cookie policy. Our website, like any other website, uses its own and third-party cookies with the intention of providing users with the easiest possible navigation and experience by improving the website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your device (PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.). They are installed automatically and without warnings, after the user gives his consent to accept the cookie policy. They do not access data from the user's device.

Purpose of Cookies?

The relationship established following the Acceptance of Cookies creates an interactive connection between the user and the website they visit. In this way, the user is shown information filtered according to his preferences. In this way, better services are provided, which bring everyone more comfort. Thus, products that create interest are automatically displayed, for each individual user, in a personalized and unique way. Also, internal statistical reports are made, which have the role of perfecting the web pages and the content, but without making a specific identification of the visitors.

What types of Cookies are used?

Our site uses the following types of Cookies: - Per Session: These are used temporarily, until the user leaves the site page. – Fixed: These remain stored on the user's device for a certain period of time or until they are manually deleted by the user.

How are Cookies used?

Cookies are placed with the purpose of: web page performance, visit analysis, geotargeting, registration, for advertising and providing advertising.

Do cookies contain Personal data?

Cookies are used only for the proper functioning of the site and for displaying relevant information to the user. They do not request personal information in any situation.

Deleting Cookies?

The deletion of cookies is done from the settings of the browser you are using or the modification of the settings through which the user is notified, through notifications, when data is sent to the website he is following.

Why are cookies important for browsing the Internet?

For the proper functioning of the Internet, cookies offer a more pleasant and easier experience for each user, being a necessary component. By disabling cookies, some websites or pages may not work. If cookie policies are refused or not accepted, the site would no longer be able to take into account the wishes and preferences of the user and this option will not stop online advertising. Advertising services are thus carried out more easily and directly, being displayed only those products of great interest to the client. The customer's behavior is easier to follow and the preferences for certain products that he has are easier to identify.

Security and privacy?

Cookies do not represent viruses or codes that aim to monitor the device and the user's data. These are plain text files and are only added with the user's consent. They can be used for negative purposes because they gather information from browsing history, preferences from different sites and platforms that the user prefers. For this reason, it is recommended to delete them at intervals, especially by anti-viruses or anti-malware.

With the help of cookies, the transfer is made between the website and the user's browser. Unauthorized persons can intervene here, entering this data transmission process. Even if these events are isolated, they occur when the user connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. That is why encrypted and secure networks should be chosen for the best protection of personal information.

How to navigate safely and responsibly?

Many websites and platforms use cookies, so disabling them will not make it possible to use sites like: Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo and many others.

From the settings, you can select cookie expiration dates, depending on the user's wishes and needs. Upgrade your browser at regular intervals or every time a new version appears. Most of the attacks carried out through cookies are carried out on old versions of browsers. Cookie settings can be changed from the settings of the browser you are using.

To modify these settings, the links below can help you: Cookie settings in Internet Explorer Cookie settings in Firefox Cookie settings in Chrome Cookie settings in Safari.

If you want to find out more information about cookies and what they are used for, we recommend the following links: Microsoft Cookies guide All About Cookies.