Natural oak wood

The oak wood used by eChair

The BC quality of an oak table refers to the classification and quality of the wood used in the construction of the table. This quality is essential to understand the aesthetic aspects and durability of the final product. Here's what this rating means:

1. **Quality B**: This refers to the table top or top surface. Quality B indicates that this part is less aesthetically perfect than the top quality (A). This means that there may be knots, discoloration or imperfections in the wood, but these do not significantly affect the structure or durability of the table.

2. **Quality C**: This refers to the lower or hidden part of the table, which is less visible. Grade C is often chosen for materials that do not need to be as aesthetically pleasing and may have larger imperfections. However, even with grade C, oak wood remains durable and suitable for solid construction.

The choice between quality B and C depends on personal preference and where the table will be placed. If aesthetics are important and the table will be visibly exposed, grade B might be a better choice. However, for uses where appearance is not as important or for hidden parts of the table, grade C can be a more economical and equally durable option.

In conclusion, the BC quality of an oak table indicates the level of aesthetics and imperfections of the wood and helps you make the right decision based on your needs and preferences.

It has high strength, resistance to decay, excellent aesthetic qualities.

The spectacular texture, with a large expressive pattern and a wide range of shades allows us to manufacture tables in a wide variety of styles.

The color of oak wood is light straw, light brown or yellow as the tree ages and becomes darker.

Different processing methods make it possible to obtain a rich palette of warm and cold shades with different degrees of saturation. Oak can always be recognized by a well-defined characteristic pattern.

The range of shades is surprisingly wide. There are many options in the palette. From bleached wood, gray - light, golden, to dark brown. Thanks to the capabilities of modern woodworking methods, it is possible to create even more diverse shades and textures. uses the following types of oak shades for tables:

Pole Gray - Gray

Pole Gray
Natural wood color Chair
September - Dark brown
oak wood color
oak wood color
Oak color table top

eScaun uses the following types of table tops:

Standard straight top

oak table edge 4 cm


Beveled top

cant oak table top