Furniture with electrostatically painted steel

Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic painting is a relatively new process, used more in industrial and commercial applications where paint consumption is high. It is recognized for the fact that it provides a qualitative and resistant finish, which is why it is found in many fields of activity.

Electrostatic field painting of the metal frame from the products manufactured by has the advantage of offering a higher quality result, unlike the usual technique. Thus, a layer of paint of greater resistance is sprayed, which is distributed evenly on the surface on which it is applied. Being in powder form, the color does not flow, nor do different accumulations occur that can affect its distribution or visual appearance.

The electrostatic painting process is based on several physical principles, the most important for its understanding being magnetic attraction. Thus, the atomized paint is electrically charged, being passed through an electron field, and is then applied to a surface previously charged with protons. In this case, magnetic attraction will work, with the help of which the paint is evenly distributed over the surface on which it is sprayed.

There are 3 essential stages that we take into account in the electrostatic painting process:

This starts with the thorough cleaning of the surface to be painted.

The next step is to introduce the cleaned object into the paint booth, where a uniform, well-distributed coat is applied.

Finally, the object must be placed in a special oven at high temperatures, where it is left until the paint dries and can be used.

Another method is called the electrostatic field painting method with liquid paint

The method of painting with liquid in an electrostatic field with solvent-based or water-based liquid paint has proven to be more and more used, having a large number of advantages that cannot be ignored.

– the obligation to use a polymerization furnace is eliminated
- therefore we eliminate additional costs
- we can paint large pieces that cannot be placed in the oven.
– the time allocated to painting decreases considerably
- the painting equipment can be easily transported
– paint losses are almost non-existent.


black painted metal